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  CSL-UQ Academic Freedom Fiasco

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Full media links (relatively) suitable for printing:

The 7.30 Report 15 May 2008

Australian Doctor 18 April 2008

Medical Observer 18 April 2008

ABC Radio National: The National Interest 11 April 2008

The Courier-Mail 8 April 2008

Scientific Misconduct Blog - Dr Aubrey Blumsohn 5 April 2008

British Medical Journal 5 April 2008

ABC Radio National and ABC Local Radio: PM 4 April 2008


The leaked letters and the radio commentary that triggered it all...

The University of Queensland (UQ) writes to Dr Andrew Gunn 14 March 2008

Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL) writes to UQ 17 Dec 2007

ABC Radio National: Perspective